Alexandria Community Spelling Bee

Alexandria Community Spelling Bee

spelling bee has a unique place and purpose in our culture. It is a distinctly American term, with roots back to the 1800s; its meaning is tied to accomplishments within a social gathering. Spelling words connect us to our history through word analysis, raised up by the rewards that come from belonging to a community of learners. Spelling also stands as an essential literacy building block. It belongs to the literacy continuum; mastery leads to a richer vocabulary, deeper comprehension, prosody. Spelling words contribute to a clarity of thought, stronger communication and writing skills, improved reading levels and scores.  A spelling bee ignites and inspires children to achieve, with long-lasting academic results.

Education today leads to opportunities tomorrow.

In addition to promoting literacy and vocabulary skills, participating in a spelling bee also:

  • Promotes literacy and vocabulary skills

  • Builds character and self-confidence

  • Provides public speaking opportunities 

  • Encourages friendly and fun competition 

  • Engages educational stakeholders and community partnerships

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