Appeasement: Chamberlain, Hitler, Churchill, and the Road to War

Appeasement: Chamberlain, Hitler, Churchill, and the Road to War

Join us at the National Churchill Library and Center as we welcome Tim Bouverie, author of APPEASEMENT, a gripping new account of the British appeasement of Hitler on the eve of World War II.

A groundbreaking history of the disastrous years of indecision, failed diplomacy and parliamentary infighting that enabled Hitler’s domination of Europe, and drawing on deep archival research and sources not previously seen by historians, Bouverie has created an unforgettable portrait of the ministers, aristocrats, and amateur diplomats who, through their actions and inaction, shaped their country’s policy and determined the fate of Europe. Both sweeping and intimate, APPEASEMENT is not only an eye-opening history but a timeless lesson on the challenges of standing up to aggression and authoritarianism—and the calamity that results from failing to do so.

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“Comprehensive and immersive . . . This is well-paced narrative history: intelligent, lucid, riveting—even while possessing the terrible knowledge of what happened next.”—Jennifer Szalai, The New York Times

“An astonishingly accomplished debut. Bouverie writes with a wonderful clarity and we will no doubt hear a lot more of his voice in the future.” —Antony Beevor, author of Stalingrad

“The single best account of what actions led the UK to fall into World War II.”—General Jim Mattis

Appeasement is valuable as an exploration of the often catastrophic consequences of failing to stand up to threats to freedom, whether at home or abroad.”—Lynne Olson, The New York Times Book Review