Coffee & Networking – Washington, DC

Coffee & Networking – Washington, DC

Are you an established female business owner who built her company from the ground-up, and wants to sit down and have coffee with other like-minded women who are serious about their business? Are you ready to connect with women who are interested in growing relationships and not just increasing sales? Or have you ever wanted to talk with women who just *get* the ups and downs of owning a business?

We founded our monthly coffee and networking series for women business owners over seven years ago. The series is designed to be an intimate conversation with like-minded women who own and are looking to grow their own businesses (not representing another brand or MLM Business), and want to build professional relationships in person.

We invite a different Her Corner member and business owner to co-host each event with us and to moderate a discussion about business ownership.

Come see why Her Corner has become the go-to resource for women growing their businesses.


• Women who own their own businesses.
• Women who are serious about their businesses.
• Women who are building their brands.
• Women who are eager to build relationships with other business owners.


• Women who do not own their own businesses.
• Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) Businesses.
• Women who are representing other people’s businesses/brands.

COST: $10 per person

What one member recently said about our monthly coffee:

What sets Her Corner apart from other women’s organizations is that it attracts women who are serious about building their (real) businesses. Her Corner members are here for business advice and support around issues such as how to scale, production challenges, and marketing for growth.