Compete Elite Athlete Camp

Compete Elite Athlete Camp

The Compete Athlete Camp is a two day camp led by Head Coaches Connor Martin and Josh Wilson. We’ll cover mental strategies, efficiency, recovery/ nutirion tips, and durability/ longevity in the sport of functional fitness. Be ready to work hard and have fun because we will have two workouts on Saturday and one on Sunday! 

Head Coaches: 

Connor Martin worked for the CrossFit Seminar Staff teaching the Level 1 and Level 2 Seminars for four years teaching over 150 seminars during his tenure. As an athlete Connor competed in the first 2 CrossFit Games and 4 Regionals. He has coached 4 CrossFit Games qualifiers, 4 regional teams, and 2 Sanctioned event qualifiers. 

Josh Wilson comes from a martial arts background where he was an internationaly ranked taekwondo athlete. Since getting into functional fitness Josh took a particular interest in Olympic Weightlifting and has coached dozens of USAW National qualifiers. Josh owns CrossFit StoneCutter and has an insightful way of adapting his prior knowledge of high level competition to “bullet proof” athletes both mentally and physically. 

Mental Strategies: We will discuss how to approach workouts, training and competions. Diving as deep as competitive posture and pre-game thought prep. 

Efficiency: Refine your movement patterns so that you spend less energy … going faster. We will cover common gymnastic positions as well as olympic weightlifting and cycling strategies. 

Recovery/ Nutrition: Everyone seems to have an opinion here, we will give you ours and tell you what has worked with the athletes we’ve coached to the highest level in our sport. 

Durability/ longevity: This segment will focus on how to create a body that is ready for high volume and heavy load with the key focus being on sustainability. Many programs can do the first too pieces well but few have found the key to keeping athletes at the top of their game and healthy. 

Saturday July 20th: 

9:00 am – 4:30 pm 

Sunday July 21st: 

9:00 am – 12:00 pm