Creative Passport Forum @ Washington DC

Creative Passport Forum @ Washington DC

What is a Creative Passport?

Artists, songwriters, producers, engineers – in short – music makers:

How does someone – fan or business – search for you online today? Where do they go to find you? How would a brand, a film, a commercial or an app with a budget for a song go about getting in touch with you to use a track you wrote or were involved in? Are you aware that about 1/4 of a $45 billion industry gets paid to the wrong person/organisation or not at all due to missing data?

Currently all information pertaining who we are as music makers – our discographies, biographies, press kits, IDs, contacts, representation, etc in short: our data – is currently uploaded and stored all over the place online and not necessarily by us, creating a huge data mess complicating the admin process like getting paid and resulting in missed opportunities, monies and collaborations.

So what is the solution?

Spearheaded by Imogen Heap working with other music makers and technologists, we have created The Creative Passport – a digital identity container – which would hold all information about you as a music maker. Like an IMdB + Linkedin for music if you like. With all our information in one place, we would gain visibility through search-ability, streamline time-consuming admin and likely aid the process in getting paid quicker and more fairly with new income streams and opportunities arising as well.

Why come to this event?

For the Creative Passport to be effective however we need music makers around the world to sign up to it, so we are hosting forums where you as music-makers can input into the development of The Creative Passport. We will share our vision of how we hope it will evolve, exchange ideas and have an open dialogue and together, we can work to shape the Creative Passport into what we need it to be.

As part of these forums, we will also have the first beta version of the Creative Passport app available to download and test together and share with other music makers.

So if you want to be part of the Mycelia family and to be in a position where you transform the industry for good, then sign up and share the invite with your colleagues/collaborators/friends!