DCNG Applied Neuroscience Webinar 1 – Neuroscience Networks & Systems

DCNG Applied Neuroscience Webinar 1     – Neuroscience Networks & Systems

Back by popular demand. The DC Neuroleadership Group is offering a new two-part series on Applied Neuroscience topics. In only two hours, you will gain high-impact and practical understanding of essential aspects of brain science with immediate workplace applications. The programs are designed to provide a high “return on investment” for your time to ensure you understand key concepts of neuroscience that can be applied.The Webinars are designed for executive coaches, managers, team leads and leadership development professionals.

The webinar is live but will be recorded. You will receive instructions how to access the Videoconference 24 hours in advance of the meeting. You will receive 1.0 CEUs from the International Coaching Federation for attending. 

Webinar  #1: Critical Brain Networks and Regions. 

January 16, 2020 from 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm US/EST

In this session you will learn: 

  • -Go beyond the Triune (three) brain model and understand your Six Brains as source of information and wisdom.
  • Learn Four Critical Brain Networks (Default, Rewards, Affect and Control) and how they impact emotional and cognitive function.The impact of neuroscience networks on resiliency, productivity and self-awareness.
  • Review how to apply these neuroscience concepts in your workplace — as a coach, manager, leader or team lead.

The second Webinar Neuroscience and Change in the Brain takes place on  February 6, 2020 from       7:00 – 8:00 pm US/EST. There is a separate Eventbrite Registration link for this session.  

For more information on the Webinars to to go to: www.swiresolutions.com. 

About your Instructor. Wendy Swire is a Washington, DC based leadership development professional, executive coach and Neuroleadership consultant. She is the founder and leader of the DC Neuroleadership Group (www.dcneuroleadership.com) since 2009.Wendy has taught applied neuroscience to audiences ranging from executive coaches, Fortune 100 business executives and senior military leaders. She Certified in Conversational Intelligence®, is a member of the Academy of Brain-Based Leadership and of the prestigious Society for Neuroscience.  A  graduate of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program, Wendy she serves as a adjunct faculty evaluator and mentor. Wendy has presented at national and international conferences on topics peratining to brain science, leadership and coaching. 

For highlights of Wendy’s facilitation and training on neuroscience, please go to https://swiresolutions.com/services/