Develop your Intuition & Clarify your Life Purpose

Develop your Intuition & Clarify your Life Purpose

You are Energy!

It’s time to discover and experience the Real You; an energetic being with immense potential.
In this workshop you’ll re-connect with your inner soul and discover what you have come to do in this lifetime.

You’ll experience the power of your energy and learn to direct it to heal yourself and others, gain self-awareness and reach your goals in life.

You’ll awaken the intuitive hunches you’ve been experiencing your entire life. You’ll develop trust in your intuitive sensitivity.

You have a unique life purpose. It’s time to clarify who you are, where you have come from and what your purpose in life is.

This event is part of the New Spiritual Horizons movement with the Wayshowers College; a spiritual development program that empowers you to discover the real you and trust your inner guidance.

This class is for everyone!

Registration is taken by Sacred Circle Bookstore. Call them at least 2 days prior to event date to book your place. Phone 703-299-9309

Last minute registrations will be charged an extra $10, so register early!

Questions? Phone 540 854 4841 or email