dorsaVi Running Analysis

dorsaVi Running Analysis

At Impact Your Fitness, we’ve helped many runners and running athletes prevent injury, improve their performance, and become stronger in their sport.

According to recent research, up to 79% of long-distance runners sustain an injury in the lower extremities, such as your knee, ankle, foot, or hip. However, evidence is inconclusive on factors of injury like lifestyle and age. This information confirms something that we already know – all runners are unique.  

The Impact Your Fitness dorsaVi Running Analysis can therefore help you if you find it difficult to apply running techniques and injury prevention tips to muscles that feel weak, tired, tight, or just “off.”  This assessment is thorough and detailed in order to help us pinpoint what might be causing your muscles or runs to feel tight, strained, or uncomfortable By allowing us to objectively measure your movement, the DorsaVi Running Analysis can be an incredibly insightful tool, and with it, we can use our expertise to analyze and then enhance your muscle activity.

This treadmill test will reveal your ground contact time, ground reaction force, and stride frequency, and it will monitor the symmetry of your motion dynamics to help you understand how you run – and what you can do to keep your joints healthy and improve your runs.

Your running analysis will involve a 20-30 minute dorsaVi running assessment with wearable sensors, which is conducted on our gym’s treadmill, as well as a brief video and a corrective plan based on your results.

The value of this analysis and data capture is normally $350, but for a limited time, it will only cost $100