Earth’s New Dynamic Systems of Life

Earth’s New Dynamic Systems of Life

Stepping into Earths New Dynamic Systems of Life

The development of new ways of living…

Experience Earth’s new living energy systems, her current impulse for life, creation, and engagement with life as a whole…

Within the Earth is a vast world of life, the Earth’s spiritual domain that is present all around us and within us…this is a world we have collectively lost touch with, as we have forgotten the experience, guidance, and dance of the spirit within each of us.

Earth now is expressing a new dynamic impulse of life; we can learn to open ourselves to experience how her impulse enters through each of us.

  • Learn to open our life fields to experience the new Earth on the spiritual level 

  • Engage with the new Earth’s spiritual life energy and how she expresses herself at different places 

  • Through inner meditative processes learn to surrender to how Earth’s new life energy expresses within each of us

Unveil your connection to new Earth, experience who you truly are as a soul and learn to live in Earth’s spiritual world that we have forgotten due to our long time focus on our rational ways of living and survival…

For me this is a process of moving through the dark spaces of my inner world to reveal and step into this hidden truth. When I step in, I experience an entirely new world within, a world that binds me to everything, a world we can all learn to see and surrender to.

With time, commitment, and inner work we can learn to open ourselves to spaces within our body that currently are closed to this dynamic world of life, out of this connection we can learn to live in a way that reflects this greater connection to spirit.


When: August 16th – 18th

This will be a 2-day workshop and we will work with 2 to 3 key places per day in the DC, MD and Virginia area

Friday August 16th  6:30 pm – meet to introduce, share, and engage in a short connection (Location to be announced soon)

17th – Meet 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

18th – Meet 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

Note – times may change depending on logistics, for example we may end a little later or start a little earlier then what is posted 

Sunday evening – dinner with everyone

Cost – $75

All proceeds go towards the funding of Avenya’s new film ‘Future Culture and Community of the Living Earth.’ To learn more visit

Spots are limited as we are taking up to 8 people for this workshop, please RSVP through email and let me know if you are attending!!


About 10 years ago I became conscious of this world of life within the trees, the Earth and universe…simultaneously I was aware of anxiety within that kept me from fully surrendering to this world of the spirit, and engaging with life on that level. As a result, for the past 8 years I committed myself to exploring this connection to the Earth’s soul to heal, and transform challenges that relate to the development of my soul. Through this, I have with time and inner trust opened to a way of life that follows this connection to this greater relationship to life and spirit. I am now excited to share my greatest inner challenges and process in relation to this world of life because through this process I begin to unveil and share who I truly am and engage my greatest purpose…

Henry Lief Hollowell