Family Wealth Empowerment Series

Family Wealth Empowerment Series

There are rules of money and there are Five Money Systems that must be counter-leveraged. The weekly sessions are designed to Jumpstart The Children Financial Future as well as Secure The Families’ Financial Future. The powerful information, tools and strategies shared will help you do the following:

Learn How To:

For Children

>  Set Up Wealth Legacy Plans For $1M In Lifetime Benefits

For Adults

> Create Passive Income ($24K+ Per Year)

> Achieve 700+ Scores

> Own Real Estate

> Eliminate ALL Debt (In 10 Years Or Less!)

> Build Equity In Assets ($200K+)

Achieve ALL Five Skillsets in less than 10 Years. Individual Results Will Vary. This is your time to learn what should have been taught in our schools and colleges. IT IS NOT TOO LATE!