Georgian Embassy Movie Series: Ekvtime

Georgian Embassy Movie Series: Ekvtime

The screening will be commenced by the film director Nikoloz Khomasuridze. 

See the movie trailer here: 


Ekvtime is a historical drama about the national Hero of Georgia Ekvtime Takaishvili – a famous Historian, Teacher, and Archaeologist. In February 1921, When the Soviet Red Army invaded independent Georgia, the Georgian government ordered to take all precious antique, golden, art and holy treasure from the country and escape to France. 

They commissioned Ekvtime Takaishvili as a guardian of 39 boxes of these treasure, Ekvtime kept, saved and defended all these unique items from museums, court cases, collectors, gangsters, Nazi Germans during his 24-year emigration to France. 

He lost his beloved beautiful wife Nino Poltoratskaya, as they struggled during the whole emigration period. Ekvtime managed to maintain and bring back the treasure to Georgia in April 1945.  Holy Church and Georgian people named him as ”a Man of God”. This is a story of great love, struggle, and patriotism, which portrays a human who can be above all the temptations and keep immortal values in life.

The screening will be complemented by Georgian wine