Journeying with Imagination

Journeying with Imagination

Our goal: To spark and awaken your imagination and provide you with tools that can make a difference in your daily life and well being.

A little about this day: 

-We will start with a meet and greet where we will get to know each other and establish why we are here and doing what we are doing. Snacks are welcome and an herbal and high vibe Tea will be provided.
-Partners will have time to share their experiences with each other after certain activities. There will be a creative aspect during this time… sshhh its a secret.
-You will be shown how to activate crystals and bless your tea with it . Realizing your ability to bless and change the vibration of anything in your environment.
– There will be physical aspects so come dressed and ready to move. We will be Moving In Imagination. Something you may not have done since you were a child. It is a great way to move through the world and see it in wonder again.
– A technique to make your imagination feel more real will be shown to you. You want your imagining to be as real as possible that way you can achieve the greatest effect when you use it for healing, manifesting, etc…
-A guided journey to 

Please set an intention for this event, so that you get the maximum benefit from the work we are going to do together.

Our Why

We want to share what we have learned through actual experience and conscious downloads. Having experienced the benefits ourselves we have a desire to share that with others and support them on their journey through life.

Thanks, we love you all.

Candace and John
$47 Online $50 at the door. Snacks Welcome!