Leverage – How to Get Help In Your Business – Falls Church

Leverage – How to Get Help In Your Business – Falls Church

Leverage – How to Get Help In Your Business

Do you feel busy and need help in your business?  The Pareto Principal states that 20% of our activities yield 80% of the results and that in real estate, 80% of the activities that suck up our time and make us feel “busy” only yield 20% of our results and income.  

The most successful agents understand this and are able to leverage getting help in their business to take the 80% activities off their plate so they can focus on the 20% activities that drive the business forward.   This class will show you the exact steps to follow to go from doing everything yourself to having leverage help in your business so that you can be more productive, while getting more time, money and freedom back in your life and business.


About the Instructor | Chris Upham

Chris Upham is a Regional Director for the #9 Ranked Team in the nation, Fulcrum Properties Group, which closed 364 units in 2018 for $208M in volume and is on pace to close 580 sales in 2019.  Chris has practiced real estate in the VA, DC, MD area for 15 years and is a recognized industry leader.  Chris is Managing Director of Fulcrum Training Events,  which delivered high level training to over 2,000 agents from 63 brokerages over the last 12 months.  Additionally, Chris serves as Team Leader, CEO and Business Coach for a Metro DC area brokerage and brings a passion for teaching agents how to follow the models to  build a big business and life!

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