Mindful Masculinity: An Evening of Insight, Healing and Empowerment

Mindful Masculinity: An Evening of Insight, Healing and Empowerment

Mindful Masculinity : An Evening for Insight, Healing and Empowerment For All

Masculinity is one heck of a challenging topic in today’s world.

Suicide, addiction, #metoo, violence, non-binary gender/sexualities, APA guidelines, toxic masculinities, patriarchal Masculinity, sexual harassment, male disillusionment, power, purpose and privilege.

Join coaches Mike Panciera, Daniel Maldonado and Joe Bernstein in an evening that fosters a deeper conversation and tools to navigate our challenging times.

Human’s of all gender identifications are confused, scared, angry or simply checked out of the discussion. Who can blame us? For people who identify as masculine, it can feel like every fiber of the male/masculine identity is under attack. For those who identify as anything but masculine, there is more information out there in this moment to engage fear and rage than ever before.

It’s time for a more mature, mindful and emotionally competent version of masculinity to be explored, embraced and embodied.

This event is open to all people regardless of gender, sexuality, race or any other identifying factor. You will learn some physical, intellectual, emotional spiritual tools to navigate and engage the deeper conversation around masculinity and our ever changing world. You will connect with others who want to have a mindful experience of and conversation about masculinity in our current times.

Our intention is to create an evening where you can walk away with more awareness of self, pathways to healing and access to more personal power.


Date: February 19th, 6:30pm to 9pm

Location: IMCW Center for Mindful Living

Cost: Suggested Donation of $20 (Share as much or as little as you can/want to)

Come at 6:30pm for time to connect and settle in. The program starts at 7pm sharp or earlier if everyone arrives.

For more information reach out to Joe Bernstein at joe@dropthearmor.com or Mike Panciera at bigmwp@outlook.com