Police (and their family) Discount for Chiropractic Care

Police (and  their family) Discount for Chiropractic Care

Our office is a proud supporter of local Police (and their families).  

We offer and additional 20% off of our chiropractic individual plans for police members.  But we also extend the discount to their families by offering the additional 20% off our chiropractic family plans as well. 

What is even better is that our family plans offer a discount to the first family member off of our regular adjusting rates, the spouse is 50% off, and the rest of the family is FREE!  (Valid for immediate family/dependent children only.)  So not only do you get this great deal, but you save an additional 20% off of the plan choosen!  

You also save that 20% off of the individual or family start up! 

What about an adult child living at home or going to college? 
We have a small fee we charge to add them on to your plan! 

Do you make me sign a contract?
No, we do NOT do contracts!  

What do I need to provide you with to get this discount?
Bring in a valid Police license/badge and we will note your account and apply the discounts.

Please contact the office with questions by calling 678.664.4028.