Reconnect to Life and the Earth

Reconnect to Life and the Earth

We are hosting a fundraiser for Avenya, a non-profit organization, to help raise funds for their new documentary film ‘Future Culture and Community of the Living Earth.’

This is a film about the experiences of 5 individuals and their reconnection to the incredible world of the spirit that resides within our planet, the universe and within each of us. Our film explains why this world of the spirit is significant to life and life’s direction as a whole. It will answer how we can begin to reconnect to this incredible world. 

We all at some point have experienced the touch of this world of the spirit from within, where we have found ourselves engaged with life in a way that is beyond all of the normal thoughts and worries that consume our daily lives, where we have felt most alive and a part of life….

Barbara and Lief will do a short presentation about the work we engage in and our movie ‘Future Culture and Community of the Living Earth.’

Come out on July 28th to Lynbrook Park in Bethesda MD (Rain date the following Sunday August 4th) From 1 pm – 5 pm

  • We will have food, drinks and fun donation games for the entire family

  • At 1 pm enjoy an hour of cardio tennis offered by Lief (PTR professionally certified coach and former D1 player for UMBC) for those who would like to join 

  • We will have volleyball and soccer to play

  • Experience a live meditation with the Earth if you would like to join

Hey guys, please RSVP to to let me know if you want to do tennis as I can only take the 1st 6 players for this…

Come out, support us, and bring friends and family…

Please RSVP to if you plan on coming

To learn more about Avenya please visit www.avenya.orgTo learn more about Avenya please visit