The Art Of: The Hu$$le

The Art Of: The Hu$$le

What Would The Game Be if the Knowledge Wasnt Free?

Is Knowledge too expensive to Share With The Team?

And What About All the Game You Cant Afford to Reach?

At Our Newest Installment of The Art Of, We Will Be Exploring a Lane often utilized and never spoken on, studied, or personified, and that is, The Art Of The Hu$$le. Often in society, and especially in the blacker and browner communities, struggle isn’t just everywhere, it’s expected. Why is that?

Are there shorter routes to take to Make It?

Are sports and musical careers the only things that “take us out the hood..?

What exactly is “Making It..?”

And Once You ”Make It”..should you ever go back to the places and the people that Made You..?

Come Sip on Gin And Juice while we discuss what is truly means to Be a “Menace To Society.” We will explore different classes, and cultures to understand in depth what motivates, and ultimately is annhilating, our black Men.

There will Be live performances, including live artists of all forms, complimentary drinks and refreshments for ticket holders, cooking demonstrations, and a speaker panel with Entrepreneurs both young and old, working on bridging the gaps between the ones with the money who lack the motives, and the ones with the motivation who lack the money. 

We will also be showcasing our newest collections, art pieces, and events to come!

There will be a giveway throughout the event, so purchase your raffle tickets! You don’t want to miss out on a the surprises and Free Game we brought for you!

Come be A part of All things Art as we make an active effort to improve our community Thru acting, believing, community building, and hussling. Join us as we put the foot to the floor and ensure, that with us, the Marathon Will Forever Continue.

Make Sure to purchase your tickets, there will be a limited amount on sale at the door!

Entry to event is FREE, however cocktails and refreshments are included with General Admission.

You must RSVP to receive email with pertinent info, including address, additional ticket options, perks, etc.

We we look forward to Manifesting with You✨

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