“Trade Only” Leo Hillinger & the Austrian Organic Wine Movement / Seminar at the Austrian Embassy

“Trade Only” Leo Hillinger & the Austrian Organic Wine Movement / Seminar at the Austrian Embassy

“Trade Only Seminar”


Leo Hillinger & the Austrian Organic Wine Movement


 with Special Guest Georg Schweitzer



Please join us Monday, April 29, from 12 pm to 1 pm 


for a Wine Seminar about “organic” wine growing in Austria featuring wines from Leo Hillinger. Georg Schweizer, Master Sommelier of Hillinger and Wine Educator, will present and lead us through the tasting.  Georg just recently passed the written part of the Master Sommelier (MS) in London and currently is working towards completing the tasting practical.


In 1990, Leo Hillinger – after a long apprenticeship and many years of travel in Germany, California, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa – took over the wine estate and began the structural reforms to make the winery a top wine-growing enterprise in the Neusiedl Lake region within a few years.


Georg will educate us about organic wine production at the Hillinger winery as we taste through the portfolio.


§  http://www.kwselection.com/wineries/leohillinger.pdf


§   http://www.kwselection.com/wineries/leohillinger/pdfs/Hillinger_winery_info_2019.pdf 



As this is a “trade only” event,


please reserve your seat and RSVP with Klaus kwittauer@gmail.com


Siema Wines, Select Wines and KWSelection LC “Fine Wines from Austria”


*Parking on International Court during the day is very limited.

Best to park on 36th Street; access to the Embassy through the park behind the building.  Meter parking 

There is more parking on Yuma Street NW (between Reno Rd and 36thstreet)




Take the Metro red line

Van Ness-UDC Station


 10 minute walk to Embassy