Wellness Speaker Series: Staying Healthy with Essential Oils with BlueFlower

Wellness Speaker Series: Staying Healthy with Essential Oils with BlueFlower

And Create Your Own Custom BlueFlower Essential Oil Blend Roller!

Studies have shown that more people get sick in the period following back-to-school and back-to-work season. Learn with Terri from BlueFlower how to support your immune system naturally during this season.

  • Typical months of increased illness & why
  • Today’s typical crazy busy family & personal lifestyle & how to survive witout the need for mainstream solutions
  • How to make your own personal blend, and how and when to reach for a blend vs. a single oil to ease your symptoms 

You’ll have the opportunity to experiene BlueFlower oils and shop their selection of oils, chakra bracelets, atomizer, and USB diffuser. 

As an attendee, you’ll be entered in a raffle to win a diffuser and essential oil bundle from Follain and Blue Flower!

About BlueFlower:

BlueFlower® offers a unique approach to self-care, one that is grounded in human touch and meaningful connections. Born out of a need to stay grounded in a world reliant on technology, BlueFlower® exists to help its customers remain centered and connected to ourselves and the people around us.

Their premium products, elegant accessories and commitment to self-improvement and education are at the heart of their mission and the foundation for everything they do. BlueFlower® is a movement that believes your perfume can also be your medicine, your personal care products can still be personal and that surrounding yourself with pure, inspired ingredients is the best escape from harmful toxins and chemicals commonly used in the personal care industry.

$10 of your ticket price can be redeemed in your product purchase following the event.