Worthy: Claim the Life—and the Love—You Deserve

Worthy: Claim the Life—and the Love—You Deserve

The journey of the collective is to know we are worthy. There is a place in each of us that doubts—that does not fully believe, for one reason or another, that we can or should have all that we desire. If we do not understand the programming that limits us, we may not realize what is possible for us. Embodying our worthiness is a healing journey that never stops.

The angels wish nothing less for us than that we receive our hearts’ desires, for as we do, we open fully to the flow of Source and do our part to help the evolution of the collective.

Join me and the archangels as I channel for an experiential, healing workshop designed to shift your worthiness and help you move forward toward your heart’s desire.

  • See who you really are and what is possible for you

  • Learn how energetic programming limits your life

  • Experience an angel energy healing

  • Open to receive the money, wellness, and love that you deserve

  • Understand how to increase your ability to receive when you leave the workshop

  • Expand your intentions for your life

About Alix & the Archangels

Alix Moore is a gifted psychic, soul healer, and channel for wisdom and healing of the archangels. She helps her clients get the answers they need so that they can manifest the love and abundance they desire. Alix specializes in relationships, business, wellness, and abundance, as well as all matters of the soul, including past lives, soul purpose, soul contracts, and soul history.

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